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Glint Media welcome you all to its news portal, the We strive to provide clarity in terms of what exactly news is and provide the same in a manner that would help an individual to evolve herself or himself into a meaningful social being. The news that empowers and enriches the individual in all respects, enabling her or him no matter she or he is a teenager or an octogenarian to move forward with steady steps. We prepare each and every content with the awareness that we are passing through a transition period in the human history, from the landscape left out by the war obsessed industrial revolution into the digital age. All the aberrations we experience today in all walks of life, whether in the case of individuals, institutions, states or the world in general, are the result of the confusion being created by the transitional jerks. Sadly, we try to address the problems with the same factors that caused those problems, and the media is no exception. To move forward at this juncture crystal-clear clarity is required. We locate ourselves here as: The Clarity Portal.


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