Let the Thai ‘Cave boys’ be icons of the new world order

T.P Ramachandran
Tue, 10-07-2018 06:10:00 PM ;


The whole world was in prayers for a few days since the twelve boys and their coach were trapped in the Thang Luang cave in Thailand. Now much to the relief of the suffocation the whole human race on the planet all children along with their coach are out of the cave. It is to be highlighted that no one on this planet thought about these boys in terms of Thai nationals, instead, part of each one of us.

These boys are now the cynosures of the whole world. They, and through them nature tell us a lot about ourselves, and the life on this planet. Primarily life is unpredictable. It is sad that in the mission to rescue the boys a diver lost his life. These boys playing with football immediately found themselves estranged in a cave having no sight of the ray of hope at the end of the tunnel. These boys virtually united the people across the world in terms of thinking their recue methods. That thinking was the result of the primordial aspect present in each and every human being. But it get layered under the innumerable labels and divisions. Which make this race fight and kill each other.  It is paradoxical to remember that while the whole world was trying hard to rescue these boys and their coach hundreds of infants and children were killed in bomb blast or firing either in Syria or some other parts of the world. Every minute hundreds of children are being rendered destitutes as well.

The digital technology united the world virtually. But the more the world virtually united the greater is the division taking place on account of religion and other forms of divisiveness. Now these boys and their coach can be declared icons of the new world order to be emerged.  They all have gone through same experience. But the impact imprinted or weaved in the subconscious mind of these souls would be different. Since they are in their adolescent period these children could be groomed uniquely in such a way that their creativity is unleashed in its full potentiality. They have experienced the primordial sentiments of any organic being, let alone that of the cave man of prehistoric period. If they are uniquely groomed in the coming years in tune with their interest in their respective fields, many wonders can be expected from these boys. Only when it is manifested one could see how their experience in the cave worked on their psyche. If such an initiative is taken by the global community it would contribute a great deal to the branch of anthropological knowledge.