WonderWoman- "The First Avenger"

Krishnan Ghosh
Sat, 24-06-2017 04:20:19 PM ;

wonder womwn


In the superheroes sharing the limelight of the silver screen, DC is a name that only the Batman and Superman fandom truly stands by. Apart from the Dark Knight trilogy, the DC universe is seen as a dying one even though with a lot of hype, the latest movies like Dawn of Justice and The Suicide Squad underperformed and did not live up to the expectations of the hypes, and looking down on these downfalls, Marvel rose with a huge and powerful fanbase with it’s flashy and power-packed avengers and Stanley cameos. Then WonderWoman happened and so did the resurrection of the DC universe.


Patty Jenkins, a forty-six year old woman from California, USA, the director of this movie, took a bold move and decided to follow this project and after the movie’s success one can no more say it was a bold move. In the lead role of Diana Prince aka WonderWoman, Gal Gadot exhibited a wonderful, mesmerising and bold character as the Princess of the Amazonians. There is no one else who can play Diana better than Gal Gadot. The story starts off where Bruce Wayne aka Batman played by Ben Affleck left it in Dawn of Justice. Diana looks at the old photograph of her with some other veterans. Then the movie goes into the flashback of the photo and in result to the reason why she came to the outer world from her protected and hidden paradise island. Then comes a pilot crashing into the seas of the island and opens up the world of war and terror outside. Diana with this pilot Steve Trevor played by Chris Pine, goes into the outer world, beyond the protection of this island and sets out on a journey to end all wars. The rest of the story takes the viewers through the amazing journey of how she became the WonderWoman. Other characters like Antiope and Hippolyta from the island and Sameer, Charlie and the Chief are also played out extremely well in the movie.



The WonderWoman theme song composed by Rupert Gregson-Williams, caught on from the time of DoJ and in-fact, in that movie one of the biggest highlight was the cameo of WonderWoman. The theme music delivers extreme power to the character and does justice (no pun intended). The BGM is adding to the goosebumps with noticeable moments like the WonderWoman entry at the NoMans land. The Technical perfection is off the mark and some scenes are just breathtaking.

Overall, this movie is one great superhero movie that every DC fan was waiting, living upto the hopes and hypes. Even hardcore marvel fans do find this movie extremely good, keeping our ego aside. Now we wait for Justice League with more hopes and hypes. Thank you Patty Jenkins, for bringing back the movie that we don’t want but what we need (yeah, Dark Knight).