Under the umbrella of a war.

Krishnan Ghosh.K
Sat, 22-07-2017 05:17:24 PM ;


During a war a lot of things, a lot of names, ranks don’t matter. The real heroes are forged on the field that gave their todays for our tomorrows. And so depicting a war movie, it should not be from the perspective or around a single or multiple characters that we can relate to but the multiple face that we don’t know but we remember because we never know what didn’t befall us. Yet another war movie, yet another Christopher Nolan Movie but the combination of both like we’ve never seen before, Dunkirk has made the mark which will be with us for long. In it’s own ways the movie is a masterpiece but might not appeal to the audience seeking pure entertainers, because this is just the way war is, without the identity of the individual but the stamp of a mass, a nation.


The movie is about an incident when the British, French and Belgium allied soldiers are trapped at a beach in Dunkirk by the german troops. The movie picks up mainly 4 lines in the story, interconnected through the hell hole that is Dunkirk. One line is where a soldier named Tommy and another mysterious soldier Gibson tries their luck in surviving Dunkirk. Tommy always somehow gets through, and the story has portrayed him as one of the good hearted fellas even after tagging with someone as mysterious as Gibson. Another storyline follows that of a civilian who takes matters into his hand when his ship was supposed to be requisitioned by the navy. Then we see a couple of fighter planes from the airplanes managing the air space. We are also taken to a bridge called the Mole from the Beach to the boats that tries to evacuate the soldiers from Dunkirk and the captain manning the Mole. Together these people share a purpose and that is to get the soldiers trapped in Dunkirk to safety and we see the trials and tribulations these folks have to go through to achieve this.


Unlike Nolan’s normal movies, in this he focused less on the aspect of establishing the characters’ identity and more on their character. After the movie one cannot remember their names,but will never forget who they are or what they did, because that stays with you, as in the general nature of war. The scenes in the movie are extremely intense and the way that it has been catered throughout is just a work of art. Although this time Hans Zimmer with the bgm might have disappointed his fanbase with his mediocre work, although while compared to the cliches he might have outdone them, but still, it’s no Hans Zimmer. Hoyte with the camera has done a marvelous or maybe beyond a marvelous job with the insane work and some shots just put you right in the middle making you feel the terror whereas maybe some other time, you might be seeing it as a third person, still not as a movie.


Altogether, this movie is not for all, because it is a bit different. You don’t get the privilege of getting introduced to each and every character properly, or get anything sugar coated, but for the people who enjoyed the movie, will have something to take away, because apart from being just a plain war movie, it just might be a little bit more. Quite typical of Nolan.