Yours truly, The Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman

Krishnan Ghosh.K
Fri, 07-07-2017 05:09:36 PM ;

spiedr man the home coming

We had seen Toby Maguire cry it out in the first Spidey movie series, then we saw Andrew Garfield lighten the mood, still crying though, and now comes Tom Holland, a 21 year old playing a 15 year old who manages not to cry or make it over dramatic and keep it cool and very Marvel-ish. “Spider-man: The Homecoming” is what every Spiderman fan hoped for after his intro in The Civil War. The warm and cheerful kid from Brooklyn, trying to be the hero that Stark wanted him to be.


After a brief scene about the aftermath of the New York incidents leading up to the origin of Vulture, the antagonist, the movie fast forwards 8 years  to a video made on a mobile phone camera about how Peter Parker got to Berlin and how he ended up at the airport and how he got the suit. Now the video is real funny and makes the perfect intro for the perfect intro-movie formally welcoming Spiderman to the Marvel’s current universe. So Tony tells Peter Parker that all his job description entails is to be the friendly neighborhood Spiderman and look out for the small guys until they call for him. Time passes after Berlin and Peter grows tired of being the “friendly neighborhood Spiderman” and starts to look out for a real mission. Now we get to see the perks and nuances of this new suit by Tony and it is fun to see as he finally got out of spandex. Peter also has a friend Ned played by Jacob Batalon who finds out that Peter is Spiderman and gets too hyped about it. We also have Liz played by Laura Harrier as Peter Parker’s high-school romance/crush.


Now coming to Vulture played by Michael Keaton, has done a great job in portraying the character. Adrian a construction worker was commissioned to salvage all the things from the New York events and suddenly he was decommissioned by Stark’s people as they didn’t want to get the alien tech in the wrong hands and clearly they were too late. Vulture developed a sort of vengeance but did not pursue it and maintained a low-key profile. He made weapon out of the alien tech that they salvaged until then and started selling it on the black market and when they ran out of it started to steal the tech from the decommissioning facility. Tony strictly tells Peter  not  to look into this stuff as he is not up for it but he doesn’t listen and the movie is about what entails that.


Director John Watts put up a great show for those Spidey lovers out there including me; the movie was well balanced and did not fall behind expectations. The steady balance and the student mentor relationship between Tony and Peter had a wonderful chemistry. Tony did not overpower the lead but at the same time it was clearly visible who’s the boss when they shared the screen. Another thing to notice is the funny appearances of Captain America and the Graceful Cameo (Stan Lee, obviously!). The movie is packed with Easter eggs but off the top of my head, there’s one scene where Happy Hogan is transporting Stark’s stuff and he talks about the Hulk Buster and Thor’s magic belt. This point to the fact that Iron Man is ready for an unprecedented situation like if anyone goes rogue, he has the perfect contingency plans (just like how Bruce Wayne aka Batman has one in the DC universe). There are plenty more but I guess there’s no fun during Easter if you know where the eggs are!


Other aspects of the movie did well too be it technical or the background score, especially when they show the Marvel studios animation in the starting, they put the Spiderman theme song and you already start feeling them goose bumps.  Overall the movie did exceptionally well with two end credit scenes, one being on a serious not and the last one being on a highly hilarious note and of course, Spider-man will return.