An Action Movie In Tune

Krishnan Ghosh.K
Fri, 07-07-2017 05:47:54 PM ;

The Baby Driver

Edgar Wright has been acknowledged for some really crazy movies like the Cornetto Trilogy and so on. Now from the same mind we get his new movie, Baby Driver. Now do not judge the movie by its name, a mistake I did. I wasn’t exactly pleased with the trailer too as I had already judged it based on the name, but once I saw Edgar Wright’s name, I no more hesitated and I don’t regret it. Being a musical action movie, it was thrilling till the end with the pulse of music right on beat.


Now this is a typical Heist movie from Edgar Wright, all the elements you’d expect, but he’s added more to it which makes this epic. Baby played by Ansel Elgort is a getaway driver who works under Doc played by Kevin Spacey who is the mastermind of all the heists. Now Doc doesn’t work with the same crew twice, but Baby has been with Doc for every job since Doc found him when he (Baby) was 13. Baby is working for him in order to pay off some of his dues with Doc for what he has done. Even when he thought it was all over and was ready to settle with his girlfriend Deborah played by Lily James, Doc still torments him with another job which is doomed to fail as Baby is no longer into this. Till now the story line might seem really normal, but no. You see, Baby has a hearing problem as he had an accident when he was a child and he needs music to drown it down. So the whole movie is set under the music that’s playing on the background. Every gunshot, click-clock and other sounds are all on beat. That creates an exhilarating feel within the viewers.  


Other characters played by John Hamm (Buddy), Elza Gonzalez (Darling), Bats (Jamie Foxx) are all extremely well done. Also Baby’s foster dad played by CJ Jones, who was a mute, is also noteworthy. Some of the things that catch the attention of a hardcore move lover would be that some of the things like the scene where Baby is getting the coffee early in the movie are just a single shot. There are more of those kinds which are just plain fun to see, Kudos to Bill Pope for that. With the on beat music track and all the sounds, even the editing had to be impeccable, which it had been throughout the movie.


Overall, the movie delivered a wonderful experience for the audience, with this musical, action, crime thriller, with some amazing songs to add to your playlist that will make you download the Baby Driver OST once you’re done with the movie. Although if you are driving after the movie, make sure to pull yourselves completely out of the movie as the movie will have an effect and add an essence of beat to everything you do, which is good for the most part, but not for driving! Apart from that I don’t see anything wrong with this movie as it was everything any action movie enthusiast would hope for. Drive safe!