Why did KSIDC which is supposed to be supporting and attracting investments into Kerala take such an investor unfriendly or anti investor.........


"Death lies on her like an untimely frost upon the sweetest flower of all the field." (Romeo and Juliet). Each time when death sounds, remember this sentence. Because every flower in this world is unique and precious.....

kerala flood

I’m no climate change nay-sayer. Am absolutely convinced that Kerala at this rate of ‘growth’, could soon drown in the depths of human-inflicted environmental crisis. I have also no doubt that our society today, under the shortsighted political and religious leaderships......


Following the devastating floods still thousands of people are trapped in the interior parts of Kerala waiting to be rescued. Most of them are in the five worst hit districts vs Ernakulum, Pathanamthitta, Alappuzha, Trissur and Wayanad while many in other districts had to leave their homes...


The Supreme Court seems to have been influenced by the western perspective of gender justice in interpreting the constitution where as the core of which is rooted in Indian ethos. From the point of view of fundamental rights the restriction for women in a certain age group to Sabarimala....


Dr.Shashi Tharoor is an erudite global, and well informed versatile personality. No doubt about that. But being exposed to Kerala's political atmosphere for long he too seems to be inhibited by the patent communist traits of Malayalees.


The whole world was in prayers for a few days since the twelve boys and their coach were trapped in the Thang Luang cave in Thailand. Now much to the relief of the suffocation the whole human race on the planet all children along with their coach are out of the cave.


Before the run up to the general elections 2019 the opposition parties along with the like minded media and intelligentsia succeeded in creating and reinforcing a fear psychosis among general public drawing parallel to that of emergency.  The ruling NDA led by BJP and the opposition parties’ permutations and combinations also started their warming up in all respects towards the general elections.


At last , Rajinikanth, the superstar of the south Indian film industry, is into politics. At Chennai, while announcing his decision to form a new party to the frenzied cheering supporters Rajinikanth  distinctly made clear that his new party would be a spiritually founded one.

Constitutionally it is wrong to say that India is not secular. The preamble of the constitution is decorated with the word secular. Apart from that , what is being practiced in India is not secularism at all.

capital punishment

The gravity of the offence is always determined by the value systems of the ruling class. So anybody can be a criminal and offender depending on the dictates of the ruling class. In our global networked society, the discourse of justice is more alarming unlike in the past.

bureaucracy and democracy

To assist the rulers in governance, bureaucracy is established. It is not the other way!

thermocol on dam bed in tamil nadu

But for water and the land, we may go for the most comical of the things as we do not know when all good things would come to an end.

Rape and Sexual Assaults: The Role of Religions and Media

Examining the ills of our society in general and sexual assaults on women in particular, it’s fair to say that such things happen not because of the failure of state but because of the failure of the religions.

Congress flag

When one grows beyond senility, it is more than functioning but malfunctioning. When it comes to individuals, the casualty will be the kith and kin of the senile being. When it comes to a system, either it is to be rebuilt or demolished for the beneficiaries of the institution. In the case of Congress, it is the people of India.

Will the ‘real’ culprits behind the attack on malayali actress be punished? Chances are slim. And real question is whether they will ever be apprehended in order to be punished.

pinarayi vijayan

To own responsibility is the primary attribute of any leadership which is found miserably absent in the state in view of the allegations leveled against the police.

sitaram yechury

The CPI(M), as a party in general and its general secretary in particular, is bound to analyze the phenomenon of violence, criminality and corruption in its fold and explain the outcomes to the public and put in efforts to save the party from disaster. Otherwise, these symptoms would prove to be that of a terminal disease and the defenses raised are merely dirge.

Arnab Goswami

His short break from the world of Indian media is an ideal occasion to retrospect about the character of the media in general and newschannels in particular.

kt jaleel at sabarimala

While the world around is caught in religious bigotry and internecine fights, the true spirit behind the concept of the hill shrine Sabarimala got re-established with the  visit of two ministers of Kerala on October 28th, Kadakampally Surendran and K.T. Jaleel.