'SOLO' Connects

Vishwa Patel
Sat, 21-10-2017 03:21:26 PM ;

solo malayalam movie


മലയാളിയല്ലാത്ത മുംബൈ സ്വദേശിനി വിശ്വ പട്ടേല്‍ മലയാള സിനിമ 'സോളോ'യെ വിലയിരുത്തുന്നു.


Water-wind-fire-earth, 4 elements 4 avatars 4 stories 4 Dulquer, still can't get enough of him.Solo is an experimental movie which connects the elements of nature to fate and destiny of 4 people. The stories each hold a woman in the life of the solo for whom he can give his life. 


The first story connects water to guy with a stammer who falls in love with a beautiful blind girl and ends up having a daughter with her. The story starts and ends with water almost as if she was born from water and it ends with her disappearing in it. The end of the story is expected but the way it's shown makes you doubt it for a brief moment leaving you with appreciation for the storyteller.


The second story is that of wind. It has a strong story line where a man avenges the death of her wife. It's beautifully shot and Dulquer seen portraying a different character. The connection of the story with the element is not as strong as the first one but it's a good story nevertheless. 


Third story connects fire to a family which has gunda-gardi in it's blood. The mother leaves the to sons with their father. The sons grow up to be like him until he is shot in the head. The sons go to Mumbai to get their revenge and one ends up dead. The shocking suspense that the mother holds ties the story beautifully. Until then it seems  a bit stupid where everyone is just killing each other. The most beautiful part of the story is that the two sons have barely any dialogues. Their silence makes the story more intense.


The last story of Earth seems a little Bollywood. It has the fun quirky dialogues that seem a bit unrealistic from the other stories. This one moves away from the seriousness and the build that the other elements created. It is quite refreshing though and serves for a good laugh at the end of the whole movie. The setting is that of two army families. The objection to the couple by their parents makes much sense at the end and you are left just laughing at the whole story. I do not know if the Director intended the end to be light or not but for me it was a good end. A shootout for the beautiful illustrations that try to connect the whole movie but it would have been much appreciated if there was a connection between all the elements through the stories. The most beautiful thing in all the stories are the songs and how beautifully they connect with the mood of that story. I don't quite understand the words but in my head they couldn't have been any different. It was perfect.