Wed, 25-03-2020 02:20:20 PM ;

Lock down is a reality. For next 21 days one has to physically remain inside. To some it is a challenge. But it is a great opportunity as well. 21, when it comes to days, it is an ominous number as the period required for the transformation of a cell of our body. It denotes change. The locked down period of 21 days have the potentiality to transform India in every respect.

The onset and spread of Covid 19 happened at a time when India’s economy was in shambles. it was overshadowed by the unrest unleashed by the protest against the CAA followed by the Delhi riots. But all have gone insignificant in the wake of the Covid 19 virus. Now everything is put to rest. If the lock down times are converted into  a period of collective  contemplation irrespective of age and gender that offers a golden opportunity to India to enter the new era with a fresh start. But perspective or rather a sense of direction is imperative for such a change. For which a paradigm shift is indispensible .Instead of trying to rebuild the economy on the lines we followed hitherto ,a thought process start as to how the  life of each individual  could be redefined ,and thereby nation. The lockdown period is an exemplary occasion to contemplate over it.

A rudimental shift is required to venture upon such a thought. One needs to get rid of the conditioned Western framework and to get attuned to a new thinking pattern. Do we have any guidelines or any hints that pop up towards us like a palimpsest?  Yes we do have. It is not a palimpsest even. It is so radiating, dynamic and powerful still .But could not decipher it as the grammar of  that radiating language is quite unfamiliar to the planners , thought leaders and politicians of this country. That perspective is beautifully enveloped in the smile of the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi. He lead the freedom struggle making structural correction in the virtual level of the Indians in a very poetic  subtle fashion. His each and every move was primarily focused on the individual. Equipping the individual to come out of fear and unleash his or her potentiality was the magic played  out on his countrymen. Gramswaraj , the model  he put forward for the upliftment and ultimate liberation for India.

We are passing through the transformational  phase from the previous world to the new digital era. Digital era is nothing but the virtual world. Now virtual world is dictating the physical world in every aspect. Due to that even when we are physically isolated due to lock down,  the whole human species is in constant communication . If an individual is coming with an antidote or vaccine to the devastating Covid 19 virus it would become the remedy to the current crisis being faced by humanity. It shows the potentiality of an individual.  This is the time for India to focus on individual and Gramswaraj. Each part of India is diverse and rich in resources. If the talent of the individual is connected to the potentiality of his habitat what would be the extent of opportunities unfolded before that individual, community, and the  world in general. The tool is available and ready for that. Only an initiative is required.  India is eagerly waiting for that.

The lockdown period would silently whisper to each Indian what life is all about. It would make him or her aware intrinsically the worthiness of life. In that inner clarity new thoughts can sprout. The young digital generation is fully equipped with the tool. If the elders too join them and engage in a collective thinking new ideas will definitely emerge. The next 21 days if we the Indians can dedicate ourselves joyfully to that inter-thinking process the results will be phenomenal .If it happens like that, it would mark a new era for India .Let’s covert this crisis into a great opportunity remembering the fact that no crisis comes without the seeds of opportunity.